Thursday, May 4, 2017

Opening the Call

Receiving this picture over text while I was working made it a little hard to focus... for the rest of the day I kept forgetting to breathe and all I could think about is ripping into the envelope when I got home.

After work, I called up a good friend (Megumi) to come babysit me when I picked up the call. The ride from her house to my mailbox was very... noisy, you could say. I was screaming until I opened the mailbox then was immediately freaking out even more. We walked inside and Megumi decided to take my call home with her until I was going to open it (what a good friend... I think). After what happened with my sister, no one trusted me.

Click HERE to watch
My pre-opening guesses were Louisiana and Greece (For no particular reason). But, when I first saw CALIFORNIA, I thought "NO WAY" I was pumped right off the bat. If you watch the video my eyes just widen when I read it. Ultimately, I kind of wanted but was nervous to learn a language. After seeing some of the stuff my sister encountered in Mongolia, especially food and weather, I had to put my whole heart and trust in the Lord and know that where ever he sent me would be the perfect place. Researching the mission I really do believe that he chose the PERFECT place for me.

By the way, the audible OOOHH when I announced my MTC date was due to missing my sister by 16 days...

Lucky for me I was not the only one going through this process. In fact Five people from my ward turned in our mission papers THE SAME DAY. These pretty ladies are great friends of mine and I am excited for what the next couple of years bring.
Alli (Brazil), Mary (Canada), Me (Modesto)

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