Monday, June 18, 2018

Bitter-Sweet Tender Mercies

First off HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDYO! Hope it was filled with peaches and goodness!

This past week has been wonderfully packed with bitter-sweet tender mercies. We had our last interview with President Palmer and although we talked about bananas for a majority of that time, I left feeling motivated, loved, and trusted as a missionary. He has been an amazing source of spiritual light for me and so many other people. The confidence he has in us, not only as missionaries, but as future students, teachers, spouses, parents, etc. helps us keep our chin up and charge the next mountain placed in front of us.

Another event that falls under the bitter-sweetness category is exchanges this past week with Sister Rose and Sister Bustos. Everything about these 24 hours (a little more than 24 hours 😊) was a tender mercy. Being able to have this last hoorah with them before the mission split was so very important to me. We didn't work in the Tracy ward boundaries but the drive in to Tracy to go to Chester ward boundaries made my heart so very happy. Nothing could have been better. Driving down a familiar road, reminiscing on good times with all my companions, laughing, holding in tears, all that good stuff. We even crossed paths with an Elder I served in Tracy with for a brief second (literally we were driving opposite ways) at an intersection, #blessed.

Sister Rose, Sister Hansen, Sister Bustos, Sister Peterson
Sister Bustos and Sister Rose have 100% changed my life and we have all agreed that this friendship will last a lifetime. When we had companion study we were able to talk about the blessings of being on a mission, the miracles placed in our lives everyday, the perfect plan that is so divinely orchestrated for us, and many more topics that made you want to cry. We were all very aware of the Spirit that filled the room. That night as we were all getting ready for bed, I was grateful for the time Sister Bustos and I had to talk. We were just laying down on the sad little air mattress side by side talking for like a solid 45 minutes. I mentioned to her my concerns, my successes, my fears, my excitements, my testimony, and my appreciation to her, and she looked at me and said "I am so proud of you, you can do it." I finished her training, I have been serving longer than her... but hearing that come out of her mouth meant so much to me. I would be lying if I said we went to bed on time that night... whoops don't tell President!

Sister Bustos and Sister Hansen
Sister Rose and Sister Hansen

 πŸ˜‰Sister Bustos is a kick butt missionary that everyone is drawn to. She is the definition of a southern bell and I can't wait to see where her life takes her. I really lucked out when we got to spend 2 transfers together in Tracy. She was always so good at setting goals and accomplishing them. Our goal board was golden to us. I loved her eagerness to be better, it always encouraged and motivated me to be better. She was so in tune with the Spirit and so diligent and constantly trying to improve. Now she is being that example to so many other people and missionaries, serving as a Sister Training Leader and helping them want to be better. She is hard to keep up with πŸ˜‰ but I know she will bless so many MORE lives.

My exchange was with Sister Rose, and being able to serve with her this last time was so perfect. I am confident that I myself couldn't have hand-picked a better companion to spend the time I did with Sister Rose. We discussed our growth since the MTC, and even since we served together. All who know Sister Rose knows that she is a spiritual giant, but I count myself very lucky to know much more than that. She is a rock, and one of those people that you want to hold on to. She cares so much about others and has a divine desire to serve the Lord. Her life is revolved around the Saviors comfort and guidance, and she is an amazing example to me. It was still surreal to be biking around with her by my side doing real missionary work. (Refer to picture 6)

Happy times riding down familiar streets with Sister Rose
Sister Rose, my MTC companion

As we were biking, we had to use the cross walk to cross an intersection. As we were standing waiting for the light, ELDER HERMANSEN, from my MTC district that I haven't seen in FOREVER is on the same street but on the other side, diagonal from us. They are also crossing the street. Sister Rose and I are flipping out at this point. What are the odds that we were all right here at this time!? Or so we thought. Elder Hermansen and his companion get the light and walk across as we are eagerly waiting for our light to turn to greet him on the other side. They get to the other side and... BIKE AWAY. Even before our light turns. We were shocked! He didn't even say hello! It was tragic, but I here he is also a kick butt missionary who is a hecka hard worker, so what can you do. I'll just roast him real hard when I see him next week.

He thinks he's a lap dog!
I am privileged to have been able to meet and serve with these sisters. We talked about how grateful we are that our missions have led us to Modesto California, and have developed such a strong friendship that we couldn't have found anywhere else. I mean Sister Rose and I knew each other before the mission for Pete sake and didn't know how much we loved each other! Sister Bustos is from Texas and when am I ever going to go there! (Well now for her homecoming... yeah that's right, we are taking a party bus of missionaries to Texas for her Homecoming. Already decided and talked about.)We kept talking about how insane it really is that we all ended up together at some point in this life. We could have been anywhere, literally, but got called to serve the Lord HERE. Man I love them.
I know God has a perfect plan for each of us and I am glad that this exchange, the Modesto Mission, all the missionaries, and President and Sister Palmer could be a part of MY plan. It's been quite the emotional roller coaster preparing myself for all the "goodbyes" and "see you soons", when the mission officially splits, but I know that wherever I go, as long as I walk with the Lord, everything will fill in accordingly.
Yeah, that's a turtle :)

You may be curious to hear what happened to the Filipino lady we ran into last week. Well we are sad to say that we went over to the apartment she was living in and ran into someone who also lives there. They told us that she had moved to San Francisco. We were BLOWN away, and didn't really believe him. He kinda had this "I'm lying" kinda attitude about it. So we texted our Filipino friend and she told us she DID move and that our ward had a big part in helping her get to where she needed to be. Apparently her past life and living situation was not good. She got kicked out of her apartment and our Elders Quorum President paid for a hotel room for her for two nights, a member in our ward (also Filipino) made sure she was fed and had clothes, and she was just taken care of. She figured out that a lady was hiring and that there was a big Filipino population in the bay area, so she decided to go. We were sad we didn't get to see her again, but happy to hear she is happy. She thanked us and told us how much she appreciated our ward. Such a sweet lady.

We are headed to Yosemite today! Then this week is the mission conference, yet another bitter-sweet moment to add to the book! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Sister A. Hansen

Sneak Peak of a few pictures from Yosemite... more to come next week! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 11, 2018


The mission is hard. Each missionary has their highs and lows. I can honestly say that after a while of being in my "low" this last week has been quite the "high".

2 Nephi 31:19-21 -  Press forward with steadfastness in Christ...

Obviously I have not been the best at emailing lately so hopefully this email makes up for it. A couple weeks ago we were riding our bikes to go contact some more referrals. My whole mission I have struggled with street contacting. It has always been so hard for me to just push on the brakes of my bike, get off my bike on occasion, and pick up a conversation with a complete stranger. This particular morning I was leading and saw this lady walking the same way we were biking, may I add on a semi busy street. For a second I was just going to keep going like the worst missionary but got a HUGE feeling I really needed to stop for this lady. We stopped and introduced ourselves and she followed with "Yes I am a member from my country". She told us that she was a relief society president in the Philippines. We didn't talk much because she was on her way to the bus stop, but we did get her number and her address, and GET THIS she lives in our apartment complex!

Me and Sister Rose!

TO DAD: this member family for dinner made PHILLY CHEESE STEAK

A couple weeks ago our investigator, "M", expressed her want to discuss some things with President Palmer, just things that she would like to talk to someone about. Her best friend who happens to be a Member of our church recommended she goes straight to the source. (kinda sorta made us mad but whatever). So President Palmer being the wonderful man that he is agreed to meet with her and that happened this last week. We biked there to give us enough time to be 30 minutes early, SO we could be there before President Palmer. We show up and guess who is waiting for us... yes President Palmer. But it was ok because he said that his appointment got out early so he got to be here earlier. We had the opportunity to just sit and talk with President and Sister Palmer while we waited for "M" to get there. I truly consider this a tender mercy. President and Sister Palmer have truly changed my life and I don't even like to imagine my mission without them. It is coming too quickly. I am so glad that we got this time to talk with them privately before leaving their mission. I know that we still have interviews and zone conference and "M's" baptism to see them, but just a casual sit down with them was so nice. "M" arrived and President and her went into a room to talk. They were in there for about 45 minutes. While they were talking Sister Palmer, Sister Petersen, and I just talked about life and missions and Sister Palmer told us that she is getting stuff ready to move and finish her mission. I love them so much. President and "M" came out and President talked to us for a bit. He loves her and said that "It was the best convert prayer he has EVER heard, hands down." It was a very positive meeting and she is ready for baptism. President Palmer told us that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and recognize that others have taught her to prepare her for us teaching her.

Car show with our investigator family
Later that night we got a text from the lady we street contacted and she said "It uplifts my spirit. Thank you sisters our meeting has a purpose. Heavenly Father wants his children back thank you so much." Bishop and a member of the Elder Quorum presidency, Brother H went over to her home to visit her and give her a blessing she requested. She was so appreciative, it really touched my heart. We called Brother H and he explained how amazing it was, and Bishop texted us and said "You were without a doubt led to her". It has been such a humbling experience this week, being used as an instrument. We are very grateful.

My dress after a full day of biking
Ninja Sister Hansen

We are glad that we have been pulled out of this rut we have been sitting in. I took a picture of me with my name tag and I want to express my love for this work. I am truly privileged to be serving here at this time. To be a disciple and representative of the Lord. Sister Hansen... It is still surreal to me that I am here. I have appreciated the time that I have here to serve, to learn, grow, teach, and meet all these wonderful people that I have seriously fallen in Love with. Thanks for all the love and support from back home, and prayers. I am grateful for all of you!

Sister Hansen

Me with my beloved name tag

Monday, May 28, 2018

Miracles on Miracles

First week [of this transfer] down! I can honestly say that the mission is going too fast. Weeks keep getting shorter, months fly by, and transfers feel puny. I have had quite the emotions this week as well... insanely happy, hyper, mellow, exhausted, high energy, discouraged to the point I literally wanted to go home, then like 3 hours later saying "Man I just love being a missionary". My poor companion has just seen it all. But I love her, she's so patient and chill.

This past week we have been catching up on contacting referrals. Every single morning we have been pulling up the map and biking all around town to houses of referrals. Honestly it has been really fun, and I seriously love biking so it's great.


Oh here is something... The other night our appointment fell through, and I had a ton of energy, so we decided to just bike around and street contacted for a while. Well then I had a prompting to go try "M"-- an investigator of ours that we haven't seen for a hot second. We passed by his house and someone was working on a car in front. We stopped and asked if he knew if "M" was there. He told us that he was waiting for him as well, but that he should be back shortly. Well we didn't just want to wait around so we talked to this man for a short moment and kept moving forward. Then we see some ward members driving and we knew their house was super close so we decided to race them. I am proud to say that we won. We talked to them for a bit then left back where we came from, and guess who we ran into? You betcha, it was "M". We invited him to church, got his phone number, and set up a return appointment. Miracles on miracles.

To answer some questions:
My birthday was great. We didn't really have a little party but we did play volleyball which was exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Our investigator has a date for baptism on June 30th!

The work is wonderful, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but here. Love you all and don't forget "Ye shall find the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Sister Hansen

Monday, May 21, 2018


Honestly this is so wild. I seriously cannot even believe all the changes that were made this transfer. PRACTICALLY EVERYONE TRANSFERED. Except a few obviously. Sister Petersen and I are staying here in Modesto over the 8th and 10th ward. Sister Eliason is leaving us, and going to Manteca! She really will be missed.

My Birthday Celebration!
A cake a member made for me!

I have had the struggle on Mondays with emailing. There is seriously so much that happens but then I just can't put it in words, because it is just too much. But I will say this, our investigator is doing GREAT! She is so prepared, so smart, and really taking in the lessons and now her husband is sparking as well. He has been coming to activities and he came to church and he has built up so much fellowship and loves the people in the church. It is just a matter of time with him as well.

We got asked to lead a training and so we got a little creative.
Scripture Jeopardy
In the 10th ward we just started teaching a Brother and his son. The lesson went really well and so we are going to keep teaching them and yeah!

My awesome district!

Sorry transfer days don't have a lot of time, but know that we took the best district pictures ever. I am going to miss a lot of people. But wow. I am really overwhelmed.

Love you!
Sister Hansen


Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

NOTE FROM MOM: Loved talking to Sister Hansen on Mother's Day. She is happy, healthy, LOVING being a missionary and still a barrel of FUN! We had a great conversation with her 
and we talked so much on Sunday that there wasn't really any more information for her to 
write about on Monday. So instead of a letter, we'll put up a bunch of pictures that we took 
and some that she sent today:

SISTER HANSEN: Sorry no group email because I don't really have much to say,
 but I will send pictures!

MOM: I told the girls to go and have some sister time.
It's obvious they are happy to see each other!

Sister Hansen did mention something about the fact that
she may or may not have done a back flip on this
trampoline in a dress...I know where I'm placing my bets :)


Allison serving her companion.         

Monday, May 7, 2018

The word Establish


Second M IS ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!! Yaaaayyy! She called us last week and asked us to come over because she needed to tell us something. We were so nervous, we thought she was going to drop us for sure. We went over to her house and sat down. Right away she said "I picked a day to be baptized!" We all freaked out! She is so prepared, and ready for this gospel. People literally just think she is a visiter. She comments in class, she raises her hand when we sustain people, SHE READS CONFERENCE TALKS WE DIDN'T EVEN TELL HER TO READ. Like this lady is amazing. She has already had wonderful experiences with the spirit, and to top it all off her child is the cutest.

We have another investigator who has so much desire to learn and grow and help his family recognize the blessings of the Gospel. His name is A. Hopefully he will be on date soon. Just talking to him you can just feel his sweet spirit.

Lately I have been studying and the word Establish or established. It has been popping up a lot. I decided to kinda dive into it. The definition to this word is: "Settled securely and unconditionally." "Shown to be valid beyond reasonable doubt." Really cool, I loved these. I thought to myself that Christ ESTABLISHED his church. It is perfect. It is set. We just need to live it. I was reading in Jesus the Christ this last week and came across this AWESOME quote...
"My doctrine is not mine,
but his that sent me.
If any man will do his will,
he shall know of the doctrine,
whether it be of God,
or whatever I speak of myself."

Now... Alma 26:6
"Now, seeing that I know these things, why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called."

A trip to the Doctor for a weird infection in my hand, but I'm A okay now.

A couple weeks ago I was able to finish a paperback Book of Mormon and marked all the references to Christ. It was so awesome to see just how much He is a part of our life. Even when we may miss it, He is there. Let me just say I loved that so much but I have a HUGE attachment to my quad. Happy to be back into the old routine of studying, but I recommend you try this! It is really interesting.


Sister Hansen

Monday, April 30, 2018

It was quite a busy week...(so, short letter)

Alright here we go. So Monday - Tuesday was EXCHANGES. I have officially hit every zone in the mission now. Goal accomplished. Houghson is so cute. LIterally the cutest little town. Exchanges were great. We had a lesson with one of their Investigators that has a baptismal date and she is AWESOME. Wow so cool. The house there was tiny so fitting five people in that little house was... fun and hot and exciting and small and yeah. Twas a good day.

My temple socks!

Wednesday was Zone Conference!! Literally this day is my favorite day in the mission. When all the missionaries get to come together and council and just be together. Wow so much fun. It was quite a uplifting experience. President Palmer was very concerned about our safety and our well being. It was just so good. Then after Zone Conference we had a meeting with our investigator, Monica. She is amazing. We met with her and she told us how much she loved these two conference talks. She sent them to her friends and everything. WE DIDN'T EVEN TELL HER TO. She is so amazing. She is so excited about coming to church and she has this adorable son. His name is Liam. She is amazing.

It was quite a busy week. But I don't have time to write it all down. So sorry! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Monday, April 23, 2018

I honestly cannot even title this email

Let me start from the beginning of the week...
Monday the weather was wild. It down poured then it was beautiful weather, "Blue skies and SUNSHINE!", then it hailed, then it was "Blue skies and SUNSHINE!" then the whole parking lot at the church was just steaming... it was quite scary, then it rained some more. Crazy. We went to help someone at their house and before we went in, there was a pile of snow at the bottom of their gutter. Obviously we took a picture.

Some Utah boys who are in Modesto working summer sales.
They stopped to say HELLO when they saw the sister missionaries!

Happy Birthday to Sister Eliason. We had such a good missionary day! I guess we should have more birthdays around here because we were able to meet with two of our investigators in 8th ward and have lessons with them, we got lunch and can't forget the ice cream.

Sister Peterson and me playing with snakes.

Then Miss Halie Goulding. Man I love her. She was able to come to our District meeting and share an awesome mission experience/training with us about the atonement. (if only our district was reverent). I don't know why, but this girl like loved me, we barely even know each other. I have only seen her twice, but we were like besties. She is so cute, she left right after District meeting to go to Utah for her sisters wedding then she is headed out for BYU-I for school. She was literally home from her mission for less than a week... remind me not to do that. Wow. I need a little more time with my family. Like wow.

We got a really solid referral from Head Quarters. His name is J.S. He started chatting with missionaries online and he ordered himself a Book of Mormon and Bible and told us he had already been looking through it. He told us that he just wants to find the Lord. Although he has great faith he wants to expand his faith and come to know Christ even more. When we called him, he sounded really young and we were sorta bummed because we would have to pass it on to the YSA Elders but we asked him his age and he said 15! So we have to get parents permission but we were so impressed with this 15 year old boy looking for the truth... sounds familiar.

HOLY COW. JENNY MAY! This crazy lady gave us a call this last week and told us she would be moving into the ward and that she may need some help moving in. We told her we would love to help and oddly enough Sister Palmer called that day and said she wanted to have lunch with us, we told her about the situation and Sister Palmer (mission president's wife) said "GREAT! I'll come!" This lady is an angel and she is hilarious. The May family is AMAZING. They told us they haven't been to church in a while but told us that they would like to be fully active again. THEY WILL BE. Sister Eliason spoke in church and they come strolling in! Very exciting.

LOVE MODESTO clean up crew (aka missionaries!)
#L❤veModesto was this week! This is a giant service project thing that the whole community gets together and spreads throughout Modesto to pick up garbage help build stuff and just make Modesto a better place. There was a TON of people there. IT WAS SO FUN! Sister Petersen, Eliason, and I as well as Elder Longman, Beus, Andersen, and Pasikala we all went to Agnes Baptist school and did yard work and some other stuff. Seriously so much fun.

Have a great week!
Sister Hansen

Monday, April 16, 2018



Alright people, this week was wild. everything about it, and I honestly can't even believe it has only been a week. We are so overwhelmed with all the work we have to organize between the 8th ward and the 10th ward. We have been so busy with moving in and organizing dinners and all that other stuff. Just when I thought I was going to have a break down because of all the stress, Sunday came.

My new companions: Sister Peterson, Sister Eliason and Me!
For all those who have been on missions Sundays are a day that we, as missionaries, all look forward too. To sit and listen to the prelude music, sing hymns with the congregation and the people we love, partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father, listen to the speakers and be spiritually fed with wonderful news and further knowledge about this wonderful Gospel we have been privileged to be a part of. Well, this particular Sunday was very stand out. In Ward Council we had a very nice discussion about how to prevent abuse in the homes. It amazed me that the church is time and time again taking the bigger step, what a good look we must have to cover this and be so concerned about the Family. I was reading a Conference talk from April 2013 (We can do that now with smartphones ❤😍) A talk by Elder L. Whitney Clayton he said "Humility means that both husbands and wives seek to bless, help, and lift each other, putting the other first in every decision." This is only one of many references that apostles and prophets and not to mention our Father above have mentioned about families and the respect we should have for each other at all times. May we all "Cleave" unto this Gospel and families and not let go.

Sister Eliason and me sporting our awesome helmets!
Whoops went on a tangent... anyways back to church. So there was a missionary homecoming this last week and she honestly changed my mission, and my life. She spoke about her mission in a way that was just amazing to me. She cherished the miracles that she was able to take part of and expressed her appreciation for the spirit directing her to decide to go on a mission, if she wouldn't have listened she wouldn't have been able to take part in anything that she cherished so dearly. It made me think, "That is what I want". She also talked about the Atonement like I have never heard and it just opened a whole new eye to the gift that we have been given. Wow, she was amazing.

The rest of church was wild because we had to go to both wards, ward councils and so forth. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve. I have been very blessed.

Met up with one of my favorite families from my first area. Love these people!

Sister Hansen

Bitter-Sweet Tender Mercies

First off HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDYO! Hope it was filled with peaches and goodness! This past week has been wonderfully packed with bit...