Monday, November 13, 2017


WOWOWOW What a weeeeeekk! Tuesday we got to go to the PRESTON CASTLE and do service and DANG that place is creepy even when it isn't decorated with halloween stuff. The lady that we were helping out gave us a little tour of the grounds and a little bit inside. It is a super cool historical place. Some areas in the castle are EXTREMELY off limits to the public because they would not be able to hold people's weight. This place is OLD, but EXTREMELY interesting. Definitely a go to place after the mish.

Image result for preston castle ione ca

Also that night we had dinner with a Recent Convert who works as a psychologist at the prison and she told us that one of her inmates got a hold of a Book of Mormon and started reading it, she said a couple days later she saw him and he said "Doctor Smith, all these guys *pointing at everyone*.... LAMANITES!" She was so excited because he actually read it! I thought it was hilarious because it is sorta true! But it was also awesome.

So ZONE CONFERENCE WAS SO GREAT. It was so good to see... EVERYONE. Yes. So the training and conference was with half the mission but then the lunch after was EVERYONE IN THE MISSION. We got to see, our whole MTC district again, Sister Valgardson, Sister Rose, Elder Stock, Elder Lamm, and ALL 5 PEOPLE FROM DAVIS HIGH IN ONE MISSION. Crazy stuff ok.

All 5 of us are from Davis High!

It was such a good meeting about pushing the new "Light the World" initiative. Which I am super pumped about. I hope you all will use that in your missionary work back home. It is a super easy way to not only share the Gospel but do good in this world. Start early and then NEVER stop.

Thursday was a super busy day and we are grateful for it. We got to teach a mini lesson to a Non- Member. It was just in our morning routine and I just thought we would stop by and she let us in and we chatted and left her with Philippians 4:6-7. We challenged her to live in thanksgiving daily and we told her we would be back to watch the Light the World video with her when it comes out. She accepted. It is crazy because that is someone is a family of focus that we have been trying to contact and it went so well. When we got home from the rest of the morning tracting we got a call from Sister Palmer, SHE WAS COMING TO SPEND TIME WITH US. We were opening companion study and she joined us and it went really well and she had great input and so forth. Then she attended our District Meeting and everyone was very surprised that she showed up. Elder Morley (District Leader) prepared a REALLY great District meeting and we all left very uplifted. THEN, We taught three lessons in member homes that night which is AWESOME!

Friday night we went to the Roberts for dinner and let me just tell you this family is out of control, but in the best way possible. At the dinner table we all spontaneously broke out and sang every word to "Sisters" from White Christmas and it made everything great.

SATURDAY WAS SO FUN we had a service project in Jackson and it was a wood splitting activity and it was really successful. A lot of people came and a lot of wood was cut. We then figured out later that we were not supposed to use hatchets... but for the most part I was just using a wood splitting maul... so I think it's ok.

So for the most part, this week was amazing! We got 14 MEMBER LESSONS THIS WEEK!

love you!!
Sister Hansen

Monday, November 6, 2017

New companion is: Sister Draper!

Well I am going to start off with saying that it was a very emotional transfer. Sister Valgardson and I because Best Friends and it was very hard to see her leave the people of Ione and even harder to see the people of Ione say goodbye to someone that has completely changed their lives. But it is time for others to have their lives changed by a complete angel. Stockton WATCH OUT!

As for me in Ione, Tuesday morning/afternoon I figured out who my new companion is! Sister Draper!! She is from San Ramon California (which is about an hour and a half away from here).

Cantrells from Sister Valgardsen's farewell tour
Ok anyway, so this week has been crazy, Daylight savings, rain, cold, re-meeting everyone. It has been super fun for me to bring her around town and to introduce her to the ward and other things that we do here. Yes the work is slow but we have started making appointments with the members to teach the missionary discussions in their homes and having them pretend they are investigators. It has helped so much getting the practice and then feedback from the members. We have already improved so much! I LOVE MORMONS! The day after Sister Draper got here our ward had a talent/variety show and they asked us really last minute to do something, so we sang a hymn and YES Sister Draper can sing! Woohoo! She is shy right now but she is warming up and YOU ALL KNOW ME!! I AM NOT SHY AT ALL!! WOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Maybe I'll learn to chill from her, MAYBE NOT.

Johnsons from Sister Valgardsen's farewell tour

Throughout this week, I have already been able to feel a change in my heart, I just want to keep improving and learning and setting that good example for Sister Draper. I have REALLY found comfort in the Book of Mormon and prayer. I know that whatever I am feeling, nervous, scared, sick, stressed, excited, happy, etc. that I can always find that comfort through the primary answers that we have learned out whole lives --read the scriptures and pray.

Fowlers... Some of them
Dang I know that this Gospel is true and there is NO WHERE else I would rather be then here. I am so excited to keep on this journey and I love Ione so much!

Ending again with my favorite quote from Bethany Hamilton... "I don't need easy, I just need possible."

Love ya all

dinner after the adult session! 

Monday, October 30, 2017


This week we got to go on EXCHANGES with the Sister Training Leaders in Stockton! It was sort of awkward tho because we had to be back for dinner that night, so we got there at 9:00 p.m. stayed the night, woke up worked, lunch, went out and worked some more, then came back and we had to leave. We had a wonderful dinner appointment with some of our favorite members, WE LOVE THEM.

Then the next morning headed back out to Stockton to finish our exchange. Sister Anderson and I went to Downtown Stockton for a couple of hours and talked to everyone we saw. It was a whole new experience for me. In Ione there isn't a lot of people to street contact, but in Stockton that is pretty much all you do! So we placed some Book of Mormons and talked to some AWESOME people. THIS GOSPEL IS AMAZING!

The volleyball crew

It was so wonderful working with Sister Anderson. She is an amazing missionary that is full of light and desire to bring as many back to the fold (As we all should).

Me with Sister Anderson (STL)
Thursday I received your package and the letter was my absolute favorite part!

The mission has been awesome, but all week we knew that transfers were coming up and so we were really stressed, nervous, and emotional. Sunday was rough... and by rough I mean emotional. But that is life/a mission. We took some pictures with some people and carried on with our day. That night we went to a broadcast for northern California that was all about Religious Freedoms. Very interesting.

Then that night we were at Zach and Aime's and taught a discussion! Members feedback is like the best thing ever because you can just learn and grow from them helping you progress. After we finished the discussion we got... THE CALL! We saw that it was from President Palmer... He only calls if you are doing something for the first time. Well we left their house to answer the call and both of us are listening very carefully to this phone call, while hugging, and crying...

Me and Sister Val
Sister Valgardson will be a SISTER TRAINING LEADER in Stockton (which is like the sketchiest place in our mission) and I will be TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY IN IONE! I am a nervous wreck but I know that I can do all things through Christ and that I have a lot of support from everyone around me.

I love this Gospel and I am excited to keep moving forward and to meet my new companion and to start learning from her! We meet tomorrow!

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 23, 2017

I can literally FEEL my brain changing gears

I know that this might sound crazy, but my, this week has been VERY emotional for me. Not because I am sad but because I have felt the spirit so strongly. My brain and thoughts have taken a toll on me this week. Every single night I have just been EXHAUSTED to the point where I can't even keep my eyes open. So much has been going through my head and most of it has to do with my brain finally adjusting to missionary life. Instead of thinking about sports and music and other things, I have been thinking about lessons, what I am going to study next, people, etc. Although I will have an occasional thought or song go through my head that is not, I am FINALLY adjusting.

We found this Flag in a cold-a-sac

Skipping way ahead to Saturday night at the adult session of Stake Conference. Members of our ward gave us a ride down to conference. We got there at a weird time... before the back curtain had opened and the chapel was practically full except for the first two rows, so we picked the second row! The talks were SO good and they really hit home for me. One talk in particular that touched my heart was Elder Gary Wilde, of the seventy! He spoke about a lot of different things but one section really got me. He had all the Full time missionaries stand. We were on the second row so we stood up awkwardly and then looked around. We didn't know that THAT many missionaries were there. There were probably 10 other sets of missionaries that stood behind us. It was AMAZING, and made me realize that, YES missions are hard, YES it will keep being hard, YES you will get frustrated, and YES things will get better, and YES other missionaries all around the world are doing the same thing, and YES Heavenly Father has angels all around us that we may not be able to see or recognize until we stand for what we know. It was a really great eye opener for me.

Elder Wilde goes on and says to everyone that these are young people that have been called here for you, to meet YOU, so take care of them, support them, and so on. But it was really powerful.

Well the next morning we had a missionary meeting as well with our Ward mission leader and assistant ward mission leader and the bishop and the ward missionaries. We got a ride down with a  new move in family who has been called as the Assistant ward mission leader. WE LOVE HIM/THEM SO MUCH. Anyway the meeting was really good and both us and the leaders learned and took a lot out of it. Well next was Stake Conference and we asked our friend who we've been working with, if we should save him a seat and he said yes. Well this guy stunned us, walking in late IN A SUIT! He usually wears jean and a flannel but he showed up in a DANG SUIT! We are so proud of him.

 People here take Halloween SOOOOOO seriously. Like insanely seriously.
This is a members house and they made this Jack Skelington!

That night we were able to visit with a old little lady that watches old men with disabilities like autism and such. We visited with her and her son and daughter were there as well and they were AWESOME! At the end of our visits she always asks us to sing for her. We sang "Beautiful Savior" and it went really well. One of her autistic boys said to us that the song was sad. This sister explained to him that it wasn't sad and that Heavenly Father was speaking to him. He stood up and gave her a hug. It truly is amazing how the spirit can talk to every single person on this earth if you are just listening!

Tonight we are doing a Family Night lesson for a family. They have 5 little kids and we are doing a activity with the liahona. Guiding them around the neighborhood then ending back at their house where their parents will be waiting with open arms. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."

This scripture has popped up by other people saying it and just finding it written on things A LOT this past week, so apparently I need to learn something from it!

Sister Hansen


MOM: How are you liking getting up at 6:30?
ALLISON: 6:30 is ok, it could be worse...

M: What are you doing for exercise?
A: We go to the church to exercise in the morning and I usually do cruntches, push ups, then volleyball drills... serving, hitting against the wall. Sometimes I will bring the soccer ball that was given to me and do soccer drills, toe taps, roll overs, and kick the crap out of it against the wall.

M: How long is your personal study? Companionship study?
A: Personal Study is one of my favorite times of the day. Learning a lot and learning to love to learn even more. Companion study is great! I love listening to Sister Val because her studies are so good.

M: What time do you have to be out of the house?
A: We have to be out of the house by 10:00 a.m.

M: How often do you get to Modesto?
A: We hardly ever go to Modesto. Maybe once a transfer.

M: How's the bike working?
A: The bike is working great, no flat tires or anything serious!

M: Are you ready to step out of "trainee" mode?
A: Being done with training feels unreal. I don't feel like I am ready to step out yet.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Amador Rocks

Dang this week has been so dang good. My insides are shaking because I am just so happy and I just want to laugh.

MTC District

Wednesday we had New Missionary meeting and we got to see the MTC group again! That was super nice. A couple of the boys are having a hard time but I think they are mostly faking. They seem really happy. The missionary meeting was really nice. There are so many new missionaries that came in! Like 22. It was super nice to see everyone in one place. I always love Zone conferences, interviews or other meetings because seeing a lot of missionaries in one place is one of my favorite things.

I have so much to say but I don't know how to say it. We have done a lot and talked to quite a few people. This door that we knocked on this guy opened the door that was obviously drunk. He had an alcoholic drink in his hand while we were talking to him. It was a referral from a guy in our ward that had given him a Book of Mormon. We asked him if that was something he would be interested in learning more about but  he went on about how much he loves this guy that gave us his name. It was really funny and it made both of our days.

So in Amador County they have this thing called "Amador Rocks" and what it is, is you paint rocks and then hide them and other people find them and post about it. So the other day at Hawkins we painted some rocks. AND I HAD SO MUCH FUN. We painted some with scriptures on them and on the rest we are going to put So it was kinda a missionary opportunity!

The other day I read an article in the Ensign "Finding Help After Nancy's Death" that I seriously fell in love with. But one thing that really touched my heart was his council to his kids...
-Let the pain of hard experiences drive you towards greater discipleship
-Pour out your heart in prayer
-If you feel anger toward God for allowing tragedies to happen, beseech Him to replace that anger with faith and submission
-Covenant that you will love Him and be faithful to the end.
-Drink from the word of God constantly-from the scriptures and talks and writings of modern prophets and inspired teachers
-Go to the temple with a hunger to be taught the things of eternity
-Find people for whom a personal crisis is becoming a crisis of faith, and strengthen them with your testimony of the doctrines

Sister Rose and I

I love this so much. Not only does this council help with losing a loved one but in any circumstance. His question was "What did I need to do in order to activate Jesus Christ's healing power in my life?" Once he heard the council of a modern day prophet he said "I marveled that a concept I had understood since childhood could suddenly seem so remarkable" The council was simply said by Elder Scott after his wife had died "First of all... I didn't lose her. She is on the other side of the veil. We've been sealed in that holy ordinance of the temple, and we'll be together forever." I love this article. It has so much truth and I challenge you all to read it.

I hope you have an amazing week! LOve you all!

Love Sister Hansen

Monday, October 2, 2017

What. A. Week.

Tuesday was Zone Conference! I am always so excited for these because I love seeing all (not all but a lot) of the missionaries in one place. I also knew that I would be seeing Elder Palepale and Elder Kessler from my MTC district and Elder Stock, the one who got transferred out of the district I am in now. So I was really excited about that. Zone conference was really great- as usual. A couple things that "touched my heart"...
- Can't follow His way when we aren't doing His will.
- "To harbor anger, is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die"
- You must be WILLING to be heard
- As saints we are a light unto the world and we will just get brighter
- You will have no idea who you will have an impact on
- God is aware of flat tires
So yes Zone conference was really nice.

Me and Mr. Goat

So on Thursday nights we have a man in our ward that has been wanting to start up a Bible study. He is HIGHLY educated in the scriptures... LIKE INSANELY EDUCATED. So Wednesday morning we passed out about 200 fliers to a HUGE neighborhood for the bible study. That pretty much took up our whole morning. BUUUTTT we met this one guy (probably like 25... 26....) PRAY THAT WE WILL FIND HIM AGAIN! We have been searching. He told us he just moved here with his aunt, so we gotta catch him.

Thursday rolled around and we had dinner with one of my favorite families WHO GOT TO HANGOUT WITH MY FAMILY THIS LAST WEEKEND!!  They are so down to earth and willing to do anything. Our friend with the dreads, NO LONGER HAS DREADS. We were talking to the kids and then the door behind us opened and he came out, FRESHLY cut hair. Both Sister Val's mouth and mine were wide open. We were shocked. We stayed a little too long and it takes a bit to climb back down their big dirt road back to Ione so we missed Bible study. After all that work passing out fliers for Brother B he told us that not many people came so we aren't going to be doing it anymore. Bummer. We were looking forward to that.

This kid is so much fun and so freaking adorable.

Conference was so amazing... It is hard to even put into words... but a couple things that "touched me heart" were these...
When Uchtdorf spoke first I was like DAAANNNGGG starting off strong! His talk really was STRONG. I loved when he said "We must have the WILLINGNESS to swim up stream when necessary". Is swimming upstream easy...? Heck no, but that's the point. With Christ we are able to do hard things. So yeah I really liked that.
I LOVED Bednar's talk. Not going to go into detail but I love his comparison of our lives to an "Amazing Tapestry carefully woven". This conference really spoke to me.... Man, God is so aware of all of us.
W. Craig Zwick, This guy was funny! "Look beyond what you see" the people that you work with are probably going to have imperfections as we all do but if we didn't "Look beyond what we see" then we would never be finding anyone to teach. We have to look at their hearts and their intents. And "Forget yourself and go to work" this is not the first time I have heard this. Our mission president says this all the time, but it is so true. Nothing about this mission should be for you, it is ALL for Him.
Bonnie L. Oscarson: unless we lose ourselves in the service to others our lives will be purposeless, DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE.
Cutest thing when Elder Holland said missionaries our little 6 year old friend
turned to us and said "MISSIONARIES, That's you guys!" I loved when he said "Perfection is still pending" and adding on to that, it always will. What authority do we have to judge another. We don't.

Preston Castle

Those are just a couple things that really touched my heart from conference and I am sure that all of us got a very important message from it. I love and sustain the Prophets and Apostles, and believe every word they say and testify that they are true. Neil L. Anderson's little tribute to Elder Hales was so touching. We will all graduate from mortality but until then we must work hard, strive to be like Christ and endure to the end. I really love this Gospel and I am so grateful to be where I am.
God be with you!
Sister Hansen

Monday, September 25, 2017

Women's broadcast

This week has been full of visiting people and SERVICE!!

We felt that we needed to go and see a less active lady in our ward, so we did. We got there and her garage was open and her two little girls were riding their bikes around the garage. We pull up and they wave at us and then their mom comes out and says "Oh hey girls". We ended up helping her clean and build a bed for her youngest girl. We got to pray with her and she taught her girls to pray it was actually kinda nice.

Elder Powell Made us Skirts!!

Guess what?! YES MORE VOLLEYBALL! The YSA class invited us to share a message with them and so we did and then we got to play volleyball! There were A LOT of people there. It was just a ward thing but a lot of less actives and non-members showed up to play from Galt and Sacramento and so forth. It was a good show. Then Friday we got to play a little bit with the Fowler's after we shared a message with them as well. I recommend studying and pondering on Exodus 14:14. A VERY short scripture full of so much truth.

Saturday morning we headed out to Murphy's for an Emergency Preparedness Fair that a lady in the Murphy's ward was in charge of and she asked if we could come and help out. Murphy's is about an hour and 20 minutes away from Ione and we had to be there by 8:30. It was a busy morning and a long day at the fair. We were NOT aloud to proselyte so that was sorta hard, but we were seen. After we got home within the next 5 minutes we were out the door again to go build a shed for a member in the ward. Westy and Booboo came and helped and we had a hoot. We just messed around and the shed was up in a matter of... 4 hours or so... HAHAHA. Ok it took a bit but the shed was 7' by 7' and 8 feet tall. So it was sorta fast. ***BAD MISSIONARY*** It overlapped into the women's broadcast so we actually watched it the next day.

Sunday morning! Beautiful testimony meeting. It sort of had a trend. Christ LOVES us, and no trial or tribulation is put in your life without knowing you can overcome it.

Sunday we got to watch the Women's broadcast with the lady that we built the shed for. Since she was helping and neither of us watched it.
-Why didn't I say that...?
-What does Jesus Christ mean to you?
-What is mattering to you?
-Can you Recognize the Spirit?
-"Bound to Him by loving ties"
This conference was amazing and just like my mom said, I AM listening with different ears now. These are LOADED with helpful information. Grateful for the opportunity and resources we have to listen to talks and partake of others knowledge of the restored Gospel. Their testimonies have strengthened mine.

I remember in the MTC at our Goodbye devotional, the MTC president said "You will experience heartbreak on your mission, much more than a dear John or dear Jane letter. This heartbreak I am talking about is when an Investigator that you have been working with no longer would like to meet with you." Well I have received my first heartbreak on my mission. This morning we received the text that E and M can not read the Book of Mormon anymore. My heart LITERALLY hurt. But I just had to realized that we planted a seed that may grow later down the road, but for now we have to let go. These things happen and I am so grateful for my companion to lift me up and say KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Cause that is all you can do. Loved them and wish them the best.

Sister Hansen

Monday, September 18, 2017

Spiders, Snakes, yodi's! Oh my!

Highlights from this week in Ione, California:

This week has been FULL. Trials, happiness, joy, tears, and everything.

I can't explain the feelings in my heart, but something I can say is God is so wise. He new exactly where I needed to be at exactly the right time. My whole life has been a build up to the moments I have had on my mission. I thought that I would have to calm down my personality so everyone didn't think I was crazy, but my personality, my loud, obnoxious, bold, "tell it how it is" personality is what has helped me connect with people. Many people told me before the mission to "be myself". That is exactly what I am doing. God sent ME to Modesto, California.God sent ME to Ione, California. Why would I be anyone else?

I want to bear my testimony that this church is so VERY true and that God knows all. He has put people into our lives for a reason. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to meet these people.

Note from Mom: I woke up to a text Monday morning that had this picture attached and it said "We love Sister Hansen". We love the good people in Ione who send random pictures and take such good care of Sister Hansen and Sister Valgardson.


I can't eat Chinese anymore because we eat it literally all the time, as well as Mexican
and pizza.

Everyone is super pumped about Halloween and they take it super serious here.

Sister Val ran over a snake on her bike, We ran over a tarantula in the car, and we almost hit a coyote.

I beat a member at speed 10+ times and he won 1 game... so that was fun.

Ward Choir has started again and it was nice to have some music practice again. I LOVE MUSIC.

AND HUSKY PUPPY. Members got a new pooch. He is so cute!

"I don't need easy, I just need possible." - Bethany Hamilton


Sister Hansen

Monday, September 11, 2017


I have officially been out for a whole transfer. I can't believe it. This email probably isn't going to be super long because the week seriously consisted of service. A LOT of it.

But it has been an amazing week. Full of the spirit and amazing people. I have realized that every single experience in my whole life has led me and prepared me to my mission today. Even my nic-name has helped me connect with people. I am so happy to share my corky personality with others. One piece of advice that I got multiple times before I left on my mission is "Be Yourself" and I LIVE off of this advice. It is seriously the only way you are able to connect with people.

Note from parents: Allison's dad always called her Boo Boo when she was little. I (mom) got a text with this picture late Saturday night that said, "We have a Boo Boo too!" So here are two Boo Boo's!

I GOT TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL. Seriously felt so good and it has led to less active members participating in church activities! Again learning how to play volleyball has blessed other peoples life. At the end of Volleyball someone said "We didn't know we were playing with a professional volleyball player and a professional dancer!" I WAS SERIOUSLY HONORED.

Some of Boo Boo's family. They have 12 kids and their house reminds me of Grandma Hansen's. I LOVE IT UP THERE!

While out tracting we ran into missionaries from another religion also knocking on doors and wanted to talk to us. He showed us a video about Christ (or so he said) it was more like a video of happiness... then gave us pamphlets. Then it was our turn. We gave him a #princeofpeace card and bore him a quick testimony. Cool experience, but I don't think he is gonna be watching that video... We knocked a lot of doors that day and it was pretty hot outside, but again NO EFFORT IS WASTED! (Alma 29:14-15)

 I LOVE my district!

Transfer calls were yesterday and we are both staying in Ione! I am so very grateful! One of our less active members said that she would go to church if we both stayed here. So this morning she texted us and said "so?" and we said back "start picking out your outfit, you are coming to church with us!" So that is a blessing.

I love it here in Ione and there is much work to be done. But I encourage all those who are reading this to continue your own missionary work where you are. It is so very important that as members of the church, even if we do not have an official missionary tag, we understand our role. That is to spread the word to all those who are willing to listen and to fellowship those who don't want to listen (for now). If you don't have an official name tag then write it on your heart. I love you all and I pray for you. This is my challenge to you this week as well as study Hymn number 134, which is 'I Believe in Christ'.

Sister Allison Hansen

Monday, September 4, 2017


This week has seriously just flown by and it has been AMAZING.

So yeah Monday we went to big trees and we had so much fun! Then we finished packing Sister Gentry up and said goodbye. It was so sad. But she gets to be with her family so she will be watched over and taken care of. WE LOVE HER SO!

BIG pine cone in Big Trees

Tuesday was wild. I did learn how to read and write a Ancient language and I am totally not kidding. I am still practicing and I have no idea how to speak it. It was just a random thing... I am a random thing. I'll send pictures of scriptures I have been writing in Phoenician. We worked at the Hawkins, painting stripes and such for quite some time and then our dinner got canceled so they fed us dinner. This family REALLY takes care of us. And we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. After dinner we had to go back and clean up cause we were the definition of disgusting. Paint mixed with sweat AND dust. Yummy. We taught a great lesson to Matt and Erin that night with the Fowler's and  Matt Busi (the bishops son) giving GREAT insights and comments. We have been thinking a lot about them and we think they are just in it to learn and we want them to be in it to come unto Christ not just to learn more information. So we are going to keep trying and bring up our concerns with them and ask if they understand why we are meeting with them. They are seriously so awesome and they ask SUCH great questions that lead to SUCH great discussions.

Writing in Phoenician

 GUESS WHAT HAPPENED WEDNESDAY? GUESS. Yeah so Sister Valgardson got another flat tire, but with her flat tires it's not just like a pop its like it slices the whole tube. So we walked... again. But we stopped by a members house to visit with them because they have been asking us to. We were just sitting talking and then he was like well I need to go to the store, do you folks need anything. Sister Val was like uhh no I don't think so. Then I was all, WEEELLLL actually. Long story short he brought her bike into the shop and got a strong tire put on and it has done good! Grateful that.That night we had dinner with Sister Bishop and she drove us all the way to Pine grove to this little place called 88 Burger. We got one order of fries that could have ended human hunger, and it was only 2.25. AND IT WAS A SMALL. Write that down because when I come back to visit the mission we are going there. She was so much fun!

Thursday morning we went straight to the Golds house. They were moving out and back into a house down the street. We cleaned the kitchen and gee that was nuts. There were spiderwebs every where and then I FOUND THE SPIDER AND I SCREAMED FOR SURE. It was terrifying. After we finished moving them out we literally ran back to the house to get all cleaned up and ready for District meeting (oh btw I love my district). It went really well but we were all in kind of a silly tired mood. But the spirit was still felt and we got a lot accomplished. We got to go over to Bishop Busi's after the meeting and had dinner at their house and we shared a message with them and it went really well. After we taught we all sang hymns like 4-5 part harmonies and it was AMAZING, and so much fun! They are very musical and it was nice to wind down with some good ole music. Their house is amazing and has a beautiful view. (picture included)

Night view from Bishop Busi's

Friday morning we were out and about and Sister Valgardson's (that poor thing) front tire's brakes were not even clamped on to her tire. She tried to fix it and her finger got sliced a little bit. So we stopped by the closest members house and got her cleaned up and got a band-aid and he fixed her tire. They had a non member cousin there and so we thought we would share a message, so we did. Totally unplanned but I just started teaching about was I learned that morning in personal study. It was in Alma chapter 11-15 when they are teaching Zeezrom. I told her that no matter how many mistakes you make you can always be accepted into God's hands again. HE IS SO MERCIFUL. So it was awesome and they gave us referrals!!

Guess what else we did Friday? YEAH MORE SERVICE AT THE HAWKINS! It was so fun, more painting and mopping dust up. Sister Hawkins really does make it feel like home, we love being there. That night we taught Sister Stowell again and we taught about miracles and Thomas S. Monson. She showed us the church news that was pretty much dedicated to him. What a wonderful man. Our prayers go out to him and his condition.

Saturday... Yup you guessed it. Back finishing up some painting at the Hawkins.

Sunday we taught gospel principles, and there was a Family History Potluck to break the fast after the last hour. There was actually quite a good turn out, and we had some fun with family history! I HAD TRI TIP FINALLY! The huge meat of choice here! I finally had it and WOW YUM. We also had a jam session with this family as well. There is so much talent in this ward! The lesson for them Sister Val and I went at it differently. Usually someone just says lets teach this then we build off of each other's comments. This time we both said what we were thinking of teaching then picked one that we were both thinking about and worked together and taught a lesson that went really well and we balanced it really nicely between Sister Val and I and the members communicating. Teaching is getting easier for sure.

This week has been wonderful. I challenge you all to read Alma chapters 11-15. I have learned to LOVE these chapters when Zeezrom changes his whole life and wants to live the gospel AS WELL as share it with others. He is the ULTIMATE CONVERT. Get motivated and love God.

Have an amazing week! Love you all!

Sister Hansen

Monday, August 28, 2017

Well this week was FUULLLL of service.

Seriously, I barely had any REAL clothes by the end of the week. So ok...Monday was obviously Preparation day and my district is the literal best. We played sting, gator ball, and then waterfall. After all that we were all super sweaty and so we set up a table in the middle of the gym and put chair around it and played uno... yeah. Love this group of humans.

Goofing off with the district

Tuesday we started riding and got to like the whole other side of Ione and then the lovely Sister Valgardson got a major flat tire and we had to walk... all. the. way. back. SO that was fun, and hot, and sunny, and tiring. But hey what even is the missionary experience without a flat tire? After we got home we had to head out to Modesto for the New Missionary Training. I WAS SO PUMPED FOR THIS BECAUSE I NEW I WAS GOING TO SEE SISTER ROSE! It takes about an hour to get to Modesto from our area so once we got there I was so anxious to see her. As we walk in (If sisters walk in the room all the Elders have to stand) All the Elders stand up and Sister Rose looks back and we just run to each other and hug. UUUGGGGHHH it was so good to see her. We traveled back and went over to Sister Gentry's again to keep helping her pack. The moving truck comes tomorrow and Sister Val and I are soooo sad we don't want her to leave!

Back together again with my MTC District!

Wednesday we had our normal day of going out but obviously we were walking. So it took us a lot longer to get places and we didn't get as much done because we just walked the whole time. The coolest thing happened though. As we were walking this man had parked his car and was walking inside but we just happened to cross paths at the perfect time and talked to him for about 45 minutes! He just told us sooo many stories about his life and all else. We ended up giving him a pass along card and telling him we were going to come visit him again. HE WAS HILARIOUS! (This is like an OLD man ok). Then we had to walk all the way back home (again walking the perimeter of Ione) and headed out to Lodi for Interviews with the President and his wife. Went well I passed. So that's good. He is a TRULY inspired man.

Sister Gentry's pup

Thursday not much happened, we tried all morning on doors and no one answered. But HEY "No effort is wasted". Then we went to district meeting. Let me tell you YET AGAIN, I LOVE MY DISTRICT. This meeting went VERY well and the spirit was there with us. We talked about a lot of stuff and it was so nice to hear from everyone. They really are such good missionaries. Our Bishop has really been encouraging us to do stuff with the YSA to pump some of them up for missions, so we went over to their FHE and made an appearance and then shared a message with them at the end and that went really well. There were three returned missionaries there and we got them involved in sharing some stuff. Great guys in this ward, once even went to Antofagasta Chile and knows of Austin Francis! It was a really nice get together and it was at Mom's new favorite person's house, SISTER CRAMER! LOVE HER!

Now Friday was very different. In the morning we were doing some finding and we saw a less actives van in the front of this house that they bought. We decided to go knock on the door and see what they were up to. Well we walked in and they were re-modeling the house and we offered to help and so we did... in our missionary clothing... We got SUPER sweaty and dirty and all together gross. But construction is fun! Dad thank you for teaching me to hammer like a man. I was tearing tiles off and scraping tile vinyl off the ground. We ended up being there for a while, they fed us sandwiches from the local market, YUMMY. Then we went over to their house they are living in now and helped clean up and do other things. We ended the day giving a really nice lesson to a lady we teach every week. But let me just tell you, construction and cleaning smells makes you TIRED!! I was exhausted! We got home and wrote in journals and prayed and I CRASHED. One of my favorite parts of the day is climbing in my nice cozy cool bed and sleeping.

Elder Stock on the HUGH tree platform

If I were a bug...

HOLY COW BUSY WEEK! But Saturday we jumped into a fairy tale basically. Or in other words, the Roberts home. They were preparing for a work Luau for that night and they needed A LOT of help. MOM THIS YARD WAS INSANE. There was like four layers and every single inch was covered in flowers or shrubbery. They had really big upper layer that was just grass and then on the side they had a cute little play house that matched their actual house. The next layer they had a built in deck with a pool, it kinda looked like the Great Gatsby pool. The next layer they had a HUGE outdoor kitchen with a bar and barbecue and a ton of matching furniture, they called that Pixie Hollow. Beautiful and so much shade! The next layer was a beautiful man made creek with two bridges on opposite ends. THIS IS THEIR YARD! It was sooo beautiful. We were there.... ALL DAY. After we left we went home and showered up and cleaned up and then went back, because they signed up for dinner and so we just ate at the Luau. It was a lot of fun and there was probably 125 people there and obviously most were not members. So it was good that we were seen! Fun night, but also EXHAUSTING.

Then today! Today I am writing late because again MY DISTRICT IS AWESOME! We all went up to BIG TREES TODAY!!! Yay something we have all been dying to do and we finally got to! It was amazing and REALLY hot. But a super beautiful place. SO expect quite a few pictures!

If you need motivation this week to be a good missionary read: Alma 18:36-40. It is an amazing chapter and SUPER MOTIVATIONAL. Read it with the mindset of a missionary.

Sister Hansen


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