Monday, January 15, 2018

The rain was SOOO much fun!

This has been a LONG week. Let's start from the beginning Tuesday we had a lesson with Justin, and Sister Palmer actually came because she was doing her "Stop in's" that day and we were on the list.

Transfers were this week and we were NERVOUS! But good news we are BOTH staying in Tracy! BUUUTTT the Elders that we were sharing the ward with us are both getting transferred and are not getting replaced. We have the WHOLE Tracy area to ourselves and I am TERRIFIED. I thought that the area was big now, well it just doubled in size. I am so sad that the Elders are leaving, they were so awesome and the ward loved them. This will be good for us though. We gained three new investigators through them and so we will be busy busy busy. Please send prayers our way.

Samuel the Lamanite?
The rain was SOOO much fun, I went through like four outfits in two days because they were completely soaked. Wouldn't change anything. Sister Bustos and I are excited to keep learning and growing together. We are so pumped.

Before tracting in the rain

After tracking in the rain
We very much enjoyed the Broadcast of President Monson's funeral. He truly did live a life worth emulating and he has been an amazing example to all the Latter Day saints. He lived "A Legacy of Love and Service". I LOVE THIS MAN but I am so happy that he is with his wonderful wife.

I hope everyone is doing swell. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Hansen

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Teaching discussions in my sleep

First off, Justin did not get baptized this last week, in his interview they decided that a little more time would be best. These guys (elders/district leaders/missionaries) are such inspired guys we appreciate them very much. Justin is doing VERY well and is still progressing towards baptism. It will happen he just needs a little more time. Sorry to get everyone all excited! 


HAPPY NEW YEARS! We were lucky enough to be inside at 7:30 that night so we didn't have to get hit by drunk drivers, or blown up by fireworks... Very Grateful. I had a HUGE migraine that night, like while we were studying that night I had to turn off all the lights because my head was on fire. But everything was great, I actually got a ton of sleep that night like 10+ hours, very nice and I felt good the next morning so that was good. 

Sister Bustos trying to stay dry.

For the past couple weeks I have been sleep talking and sleep walking... not only that but I have been teaching missionary discussions in my sleep, LITERALLY WALKING AROUND THE ROOM KNOCKING ON DOORS. (I know this because my sweet companion told me so) Pretty funny just thought I would share. 

Last week my subject was strong, but my email was... terrible. (Sorry about that). Let me explain. In a district meeting Elder Hacking (District Leader) explained to us that we needed to "Wake Up". This lesson HIT ME SO HARD, and made me realize that I needed to wake up and start my mission, live the Gospel to its fullest, EMBRACE Christ. He told us that a lot of people think of themselves as a five gallon bucket trying to get as full as they could. "In reality we are the ocean, how many five gallon buckets can we put into the ocean without it overflowing?" The answer is we don't know... obviously, but it gave us a mental picture of HOW MUCH potential our Heavenly Father has in us. If only we could see a little glimpse of that. I was brought back to a thought, My wonderful trainer Sister Valgardson used to pray that we could "be the missionaries that thou knowest we can become." Heavenly Father knows, our job is to work hard enough to reach that. I invite all of us to recognize what keeps us asleep, what wakes us up, and what are we going to do about it? "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)

Sister Bustos and me

It was Stake Conference this last weekend and Elder Auna of the 70 was presiding. He spoke with such authority and power, but with such simplicity. He was an amazing man. Things that touched my heart...
-Invite to act
-As disciples of Jesus Christ, what can we do to improve how we "instruct and edify each other" in the Savior's way?
"The Savior is the master of simplicity, the devil is the master of complexity."
- The Holy Ghost..
1) Teaches us
2) Brings to remembrance what we have learned
My goal in this life is to do what President Monson has simply said, "They live lives worth emulating"

Have an amazing week! Love you all!

Sister Hansen

Monday, January 1, 2018


This week has been amazing and has gone by so quick. It is hard to believe that Christmas was last week and I talked to my family... but this week has gone by so quick.

Me and Sister Bustos just chillin'

JUSTIN IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! We had a lesson with him the other day and we were planning on inviting him to be baptized but then he said "I want to get baptized, how do I do that?" We were so excited. So this Saturday we are going to be holding my first baptism, and I could not be more ecstatic. We have been teaching him every single day and have been seeing him twice a day whether it be to read the Book of Mormon with him or to just check up on him (Word of Wisdom help). He is so receptive of everything that we are saying and is excited about his life after baptism. I hope for the best for him and am excited to keep working with him. 

The Zone Christmas picture

I am so sorry that i am so bad at emailing now. There is just so much to do on preparation days. 

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas was so good!

Sister Bustos and I in front of our Christmas shrine!
This last week has been some of the best days on my mission. Full of testimony builders left and right and wonderful moments.

My picture wall in our apartment
This last week we had something that happened that put both of us down. In companion study that day we discussed things that we could do better as a companionship and figured out ways that we could be back to where we needed to be to receive the promptings of the spirit. Well shortly after we prayed and left the apartment we received a call from the Tracy Elders saying that they just passed by Justin's house and that he was outside. Well backup a little bit, we have been trying to contact Justin for the past week, literally knocking on his door every single day, so we seriously bike our little legs off to his house and got there in like a good two minutes. It was so good to see him again! He told us that he was planning on coming to church the next day and then we told him about Hidden Lakes ward as well and he ended up coming to both sacrament meeting with us. Anyway so when we did get to talk with him, we went over church the week before and then we also read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon. Reading with investigators has become one of my favorite things because I love seeing their eyes open to how simple this Gospel really is. He is enjoying reading and we are excited to keep working with him.

Christmas Eve we decided to put our mattresses in front of the tree, so we did.
Christmas was so good and I was SOO looking forward to talking with the family. It was so good to see you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

Please take the last day of #lighttheworld to heart!
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 5:16
Make some plans or goals to continue to serve throughout 2018.

LOVE YOU ALL! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Short and Sweet

This week has seriously been so crazy busy. Which is good. We met up with this investigator that Sister Bustos and her last companion met like a month ago and we had THREE lessons with him, Restoration, Plan of Salvation, then we read the Book of Mormon with him AND he came to church yesterday! We are so excited. He is really taking this stuff in.

My new district

We also got to help out at this event called Brighter Christmas. Which they were planning giving a Christmas to 500+ families. We sorted food and toys and it was so cool because it was all donations. I have really started to like Tracy, the first week was REALLY rough. But now I am meeting people, getting more comfortable with the area and so forth.

Mom's note: So happy that Allison got her Christmas packages!
 Jennifer never did receive hers and that still makes me sad.
Staying state-side definitely has it's perks!!

I am excited for Christmas because I GET TO TALK TO YOU FOLKS!

Sorry I am so distracted this week. Have a good week!

Sister Hansen

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Dang what a freaking week

Dang what a freaking week. First off saying goodbye to the people of Ione is one of the hardest things I could do. But Monday night we had dinner with lots of Ione friends. LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! After dinner we played catch phrase. Later figuring out that they were worried about that because "Sister Hansen is too competitive". PSSSHHHHH, where did they even get that? Anyways yeah that was one of the fondest memories I have now. We were ALL screaming by the way... not just me.

ANYWAY so transfers!!! While in the parking lot Sister Bustos came out of her car and right away I knew that she was my companion before even knowing that SHE was Sister Bustos. She is from Texas and YES she has the accent. We get our stuff moved in to the car and I say goodbye to missionaries and some members in Ione were so kind to bring us to the mission office because our car couldn't hold everything, so we said goodbye to them as well. Then headed off to Tracy! Dang Tracy is SUUUPPPER suburban, literally houses smashed in everywhere. Not used to it, just saying. There is a lot more biking in this area so my legs are FOR sure getting there work out. The people... that I have met... are GREAT! I hope to grow to love them just as I did in Ione. I am excited to get to work here.

My new companion, Sister Bustos from Texas!

Tuesday we had dinner at the Stake Presidents house with ALL the missionaries in the zone/stake. IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE EVERYONE! All but one Davis Darts are in this Zone. But Elder Stock (an elder in my first district) is now our ZONE LEADER! Hooray for familiar faces! Elder Palepale is our Co-District Leader with Elder Hacking. Our first district meeting was AMAZING, Elder Hacking just dropped the mic like the whole meeting. I am excited for this District.

We have had a super busy week but nothing REALLY interesting... sooo Yeah.... Oh yeah I straight up almost got hit by a car, no big deal. I seriously was thinking to myself while this car was skidding to a stop, "My dad got hit by a car 3 times on his mission and I have already accepted the fact that I will be hit, so I guess this is my time." But then miraculously I didn't get hit. YAY Miracles!!


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Monday, December 4, 2017

Transfers: I will be leaving the land that I love

I don't have A LOT of time but here is the run down of our week...

We met with Kim with Sister G and covered a lot of ground again. She is SUPER nervous about church so we decided to pick her up the next day and give her a church tour! That night we had dinner with the Hoyt Sr.'s in Camanche. THEIR HORSE WAS SO CUTE. **First time on my mission I got to pet a horse, I almost cried because I was so happy**

CHURCH TOUR! Oh my goodness this went SO well. Kim loved it. The G's and Sister Busi came and everyone had such great input and we were able to share, ALL of the Plan of Salvation and ALL of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her. Again we covered A LOT of ground. She loved the Primary room, (she has a son that is nine years old) she walked in and saw all the pictures of the children and just started to cry. That night we had dinner with E, a former investigator and shared #lighttheworld with her. She really enjoyed it.

We dropped off a HUGE bible at Kim's house with "Footprints in the Sand" and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in it. We also marked up the Gethsemane scriptures because she really loved this story.

We helped the Jackson Elders move out of their apartment and into their new apartment! That was a lot of fun! Their place is pretty nice, and they don't call us "The Hills" for nothing! Our dinner was awesome! We had dinner with Sister Bishop again one of my favorite people in the ward :D THEY KNOW WHO THE BAR J WRANGLERS ARE!

We had a lot of fun! That morning we both felt like we needed to do some service, so we called up some youth and others in the ward and picked up some rakes and went around and raked leaves for people and then gave them #lighttheworld cards. It was an awesome opportunity to spread that word especially right here in Ione. That night we helped set up and get everything started for the CHRISTMAS PARTY! Kim and her son came to the party and REALLY enjoyed it, especially the program. Everyone was so nice to her and welcoming. I was almost brought to tears all night looking around at the goodness of this ward and these people. This ward BLOWS ME AWAY.

What an emotional day! Fast and testimony meeting was so nice. I started and ended on a testimony meeting in this area. We got to watch a special video segment for light the world our 3 hour and get everyone pumped for that. We had dinner with the Hoyt's and watched the Christmas Devotional, which was AWESOME! Then Transfer calls.

Yes the rumors are true, I will be leaving the land that I love. Ione has my heart. The people here have 100% changed my life. I will be finishing training someone in Tracy! I have only heard good things about this area so far and I am excited for this new adventure with the people of Tracy. Although it will/has been so hard to leave all these friendships and relationships I have made here, it isn't going to be forever, I WILL BE BACK!

Reading assignment: one of my favorite stories right now is in Luke 2:40-52 when Jesus is teaching in the temple. LOVE!

Have a wonderful week! I love you so so so much and can't wait to skype!

Sister Pam passed away peacefully and Spiritually on Sunday morning, November 26th. I cannot explain how grateful I am to this family for completely changing my life, the spirit you could feel just walking into the home was astounding. It is truly a blessing to know that she is peaceful and that her spirit dwells among the others in Heaven.

Monday, November 27, 2017

"Big Al's Gutting Services"

Well I couldn't believe that some of this stuff happened this week. This week has been pretty dang long, but at the same time I can't believe it is over... So MONDAY WAS SO FUN! So we left a little early after emailing and went to the Chornis' (members in the ward) to prepare some turkeys. This was a REALLY cool experience for me and I am opening a business when I get home called, "Big Al's Gutting Services". It was fun. Here is the process...
1. Walk the turkey out of the pen
2. put twine around the head and stuff it in a bucket
3. Brady came over with his sword and chopped the head, which made the turkey reflexes go nuts and blood was squirting everywhere.
4. Put the turkey in scalding water

5. Pluck
6. Gut! Including: Intestines, gizzard, heart, liver, lungs, voice box thing, stomach, then you get to hammer its neck off.

It was just a good learning experience and now I am ready for Armageddon. You are welcome Mom and Dad.

That night we traveled to Stockton for Exchanges! Obviously I was PUMPED to see Sister Valgardson again, and it was a lot of fun to see her again. Then the next day I figured out we would be on exchanges together along with Sister Anderson! We were pumped.

So good to see Sister Valgardson!

We went to Delta College to just get some street contacting in and I am still not super good at this because there isn't that much of it in the little town of Ione. But it was my turn to approach and start the conversation. We go up to this guy and I say hi and he doesn't hear because he has ear plugs in. Well I bend down and get myself in his view and wave, he takes his ear plugs out and says hi. Well moral is that he invited us to sit down on the bench and we just start talking about the Gospel, give him a Book of Mormon and #princeofpeace card and set a return appointment with him. HE WAS AWESOME! Then that night we knocked doors after dinner in this area and found two other potential investigators! YAYYAYAYA!

The Kicker Krew
District Meeting was changed to Wednesday so we had all day on Thursday in our area. After District Meeting we went to meet Mike and Jan. We had a really nice uplifting conversation and covered a lot of ground. After we went back to Jackson to do some training on the computer and figured out that they are BARELY out of our ward boundaries and have to give them to the Jackson Elders... Bummer but at least they are getting taught right?

THANKSGIVING!!! Thanksgiving was hard. Not gonna lie. I was missing my family traditions, we were supposed to be tracting and a lot of the people that answered the door were cooking and not really wanting to hear what we had to say. So that was a little hard, but then we had Lunch/dinner and that was fun, and YUMMY! Then we left to go make a cake for our investigator that wasn't really having a Thanksgiving... She made my whole day and I was just so happy after we left there.

Then GUESS WHAT we got to play VOLLEYBALL!! ON THANKSGIVING! That was so fun. This group of people came to play basketball so we invited them to play Volleyball with us and it was just a hoot. Apparently there was a ton of less actives and some non members there and after (as usual) we shared a message including THE NEW #LIGHTTHEWORLD VIDEO! It was awesome! So thanksgiving started off hard, but ended AMAZING! I really challenge all of you to take the #lighttheworld video to your heart. Share it with everyone and as many people as you can. It is amazing.

Transfers are next week! So make the most of this time, right!?


Sister Hansen

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Honestly SO Blessed!

Last week we were able to teach 14 Member lessons right? Well you know that we have been blessed because this week we have found...
Rex - (Potential Investigator) we street contacted him and we got to share like the whole restoration with him, Joseph Smith vision and everything, he has a Book of Mormon and we extended the challenge for him to read it.

Decorating cookies at Activity Day's with the primary girls!

Kim - (Investigator) I have felt that we needed to go to this area that I don't even know if it has been tracted before... So Friday morning we head up, this hill was nuts, like walking bikes nuts steep... we knocked the doors until we got to the top, we usually don't knock on doors that are open (haha) so we started turning around and SHE walks out. I flip back around and excitedly say "HELLO!" I think I scared her a bit (oh well). She came over to her fence and began talking with us, she told us she had just come out of prison and that she is really trying to fix her life up. She asked if we were Jehovah's Witnesses and we said NOPE... (thank goodness). She also asked if we were a cult... also no (THANK GOODNESS). We go on and talk about bits and pieces of every discussion.She invites us and and we had a really nice talk (she kinda has the gift of gab) but we love her! She said that it is amazing that we made our way up there, she said when she saw us she had a super warm feeling, and told us she wants us to come back. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her we would be back.

John - (Investigator?) Came out of his house before we even knocked, he was carrying tires up to his truck and he told us not to pick them up because it will get our dresses dirty. I don't even blink and go pick up the tires. When we get to the truck he turns around and sees me carrying the tire and he is like "oh umm thanks". We tell him who we are and what we teach and he said he is actually interested but they are headed out the door, he told us to come back this next Saturday.

Sharing some scriptures

Beverly - (Potential Investigator) We were knocking on doors to an apartment building I didn't even know existed (also in the area that I don't think has been tracted in some time) she opened the door and straight away invited us in. She talked about her husband and how he has been going to a different church, and then we just talked. We tried to talk about what we teach but she also has the gift of gab as well. Super sweet lady though. We will be back, we gave her our number and told her to call if she ever needs anything.

With the Elders having Root Beer Floats

Mike + Jan - (Referral/Potential Investigator) A Brother in our ward, gave us this referral after Mike spoke at the cub scouts activity about "Divine Intervention" We called him and he said, I have been waiting for you to call! We were so excited.

This week has been full of miracles. Truly no effort is wasted, hard work pays off, and 100% blessed, AND I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! I was so excited because now I get to start over!
I feel so overjoyed. The mission has been hard because we haven't had many people to teach. Once we focused on just teaching the lessons and gaining the trust of the members even more, the blessings came pouring in. My email finally sounds like a mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Last week Heavenly Father was preparing US to meet all these people.


Sunday was so amazing and the spirit was VIVID. While we were sitting in Relief Society our teacher decided to have a panel discussion and invited 4 converts (including herself) to talk about and answer questions. Well moral of the story and recent convert of about a year now, broke into tears and told us that she feel so lost but she knows it is the right thing. She is having a hard time right now, then the rest of the class was, advice and how we can help her. It was SO powerful, the spirit and the love that was felt in that room. I guess I was overwhelmed because I had a complete break down. Sister Bishop (seriously one of my favorite ladies) came up to me and just hugged me until I calmed down a bit. She really helped at that moment. I was so worked up.

Crazy cat lady

All in all this week was amazing with a lot of emotions. I would like to end with a Scripture I came across the other day...
Moroni 8:3
"I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end."

Ok well I have to go! We are going to prepare turkeys and then use their insides to go fishing at a members house! So next weeks pictures should be fun! Love you so very much and hope everything is going well! LOOOOOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!

Sister Hansen

Monday, November 13, 2017


WOWOWOW What a weeeeeekk! Tuesday we got to go to the PRESTON CASTLE and do service and DANG that place is creepy even when it isn't decorated with halloween stuff. The lady that we were helping out gave us a little tour of the grounds and a little bit inside. It is a super cool historical place. Some areas in the castle are EXTREMELY off limits to the public because they would not be able to hold people's weight. This place is OLD, but EXTREMELY interesting. Definitely a go to place after the mish.

Image result for preston castle ione ca

Also that night we had dinner with a Recent Convert who works as a psychologist at the prison and she told us that one of her inmates got a hold of a Book of Mormon and started reading it, she said a couple days later she saw him and he said "Doctor Smith, all these guys *pointing at everyone*.... LAMANITES!" She was so excited because he actually read it! I thought it was hilarious because it is sorta true! But it was also awesome.

So ZONE CONFERENCE WAS SO GREAT. It was so good to see... EVERYONE. Yes. So the training and conference was with half the mission but then the lunch after was EVERYONE IN THE MISSION. We got to see, our whole MTC district again, Sister Valgardson, Sister Rose, Elder Stock, Elder Lamm, and ALL 5 PEOPLE FROM DAVIS HIGH IN ONE MISSION. Crazy stuff ok.

All 5 of us are from Davis High!

It was such a good meeting about pushing the new "Light the World" initiative. Which I am super pumped about. I hope you all will use that in your missionary work back home. It is a super easy way to not only share the Gospel but do good in this world. Start early and then NEVER stop.

Thursday was a super busy day and we are grateful for it. We got to teach a mini lesson to a Non- Member. It was just in our morning routine and I just thought we would stop by and she let us in and we chatted and left her with Philippians 4:6-7. We challenged her to live in thanksgiving daily and we told her we would be back to watch the Light the World video with her when it comes out. She accepted. It is crazy because that is someone is a family of focus that we have been trying to contact and it went so well. When we got home from the rest of the morning tracting we got a call from Sister Palmer, SHE WAS COMING TO SPEND TIME WITH US. We were opening companion study and she joined us and it went really well and she had great input and so forth. Then she attended our District Meeting and everyone was very surprised that she showed up. Elder Morley (District Leader) prepared a REALLY great District meeting and we all left very uplifted. THEN, We taught three lessons in member homes that night which is AWESOME!

Friday night we went to the Roberts for dinner and let me just tell you this family is out of control, but in the best way possible. At the dinner table we all spontaneously broke out and sang every word to "Sisters" from White Christmas and it made everything great.

SATURDAY WAS SO FUN we had a service project in Jackson and it was a wood splitting activity and it was really successful. A lot of people came and a lot of wood was cut. We then figured out later that we were not supposed to use hatchets... but for the most part I was just using a wood splitting maul... so I think it's ok.

So for the most part, this week was amazing! We got 14 MEMBER LESSONS THIS WEEK!

love you!!
Sister Hansen

Monday, November 6, 2017

New companion is: Sister Draper!

Well I am going to start off with saying that it was a very emotional transfer. Sister Valgardson and I because Best Friends and it was very hard to see her leave the people of Ione and even harder to see the people of Ione say goodbye to someone that has completely changed their lives. But it is time for others to have their lives changed by a complete angel. Stockton WATCH OUT!

As for me in Ione, Tuesday morning/afternoon I figured out who my new companion is! Sister Draper!! She is from San Ramon California (which is about an hour and a half away from here).

Cantrells from Sister Valgardsen's farewell tour
Ok anyway, so this week has been crazy, Daylight savings, rain, cold, re-meeting everyone. It has been super fun for me to bring her around town and to introduce her to the ward and other things that we do here. Yes the work is slow but we have started making appointments with the members to teach the missionary discussions in their homes and having them pretend they are investigators. It has helped so much getting the practice and then feedback from the members. We have already improved so much! I LOVE MORMONS! The day after Sister Draper got here our ward had a talent/variety show and they asked us really last minute to do something, so we sang a hymn and YES Sister Draper can sing! Woohoo! She is shy right now but she is warming up and YOU ALL KNOW ME!! I AM NOT SHY AT ALL!! WOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Maybe I'll learn to chill from her, MAYBE NOT.

Johnsons from Sister Valgardsen's farewell tour

Throughout this week, I have already been able to feel a change in my heart, I just want to keep improving and learning and setting that good example for Sister Draper. I have REALLY found comfort in the Book of Mormon and prayer. I know that whatever I am feeling, nervous, scared, sick, stressed, excited, happy, etc. that I can always find that comfort through the primary answers that we have learned out whole lives --read the scriptures and pray.

Fowlers... Some of them
Dang I know that this Gospel is true and there is NO WHERE else I would rather be then here. I am so excited to keep on this journey and I love Ione so much!

Ending again with my favorite quote from Bethany Hamilton... "I don't need easy, I just need possible."

Love ya all

dinner after the adult session! 

The rain was SOOO much fun!

This has been a LONG week. Let's start from the beginning Tuesday we had a lesson with Justin, and Sister Palmer actually came because s...