Monday, April 16, 2018



Alright people, this week was wild. everything about it, and I honestly can't even believe it has only been a week. We are so overwhelmed with all the work we have to organize between the 8th ward and the 10th ward. We have been so busy with moving in and organizing dinners and all that other stuff. Just when I thought I was going to have a break down because of all the stress, Sunday came.

My new companions: Sister Peterson, Sister Eliason and Me!
For all those who have been on missions Sundays are a day that we, as missionaries, all look forward too. To sit and listen to the prelude music, sing hymns with the congregation and the people we love, partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father, listen to the speakers and be spiritually fed with wonderful news and further knowledge about this wonderful Gospel we have been privileged to be a part of. Well, this particular Sunday was very stand out. In Ward Council we had a very nice discussion about how to prevent abuse in the homes. It amazed me that the church is time and time again taking the bigger step, what a good look we must have to cover this and be so concerned about the Family. I was reading a Conference talk from April 2013 (We can do that now with smartphones ❤😍) A talk by Elder L. Whitney Clayton he said "Humility means that both husbands and wives seek to bless, help, and lift each other, putting the other first in every decision." This is only one of many references that apostles and prophets and not to mention our Father above have mentioned about families and the respect we should have for each other at all times. May we all "Cleave" unto this Gospel and families and not let go.

Sister Eliason and me sporting our awesome helmets!
Whoops went on a tangent... anyways back to church. So there was a missionary homecoming this last week and she honestly changed my mission, and my life. She spoke about her mission in a way that was just amazing to me. She cherished the miracles that she was able to take part of and expressed her appreciation for the spirit directing her to decide to go on a mission, if she wouldn't have listened she wouldn't have been able to take part in anything that she cherished so dearly. It made me think, "That is what I want". She also talked about the Atonement like I have never heard and it just opened a whole new eye to the gift that we have been given. Wow, she was amazing.

The rest of church was wild because we had to go to both wards, ward councils and so forth. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve. I have been very blessed.

Met up with one of my favorite families from my first area. Love these people!

Sister Hansen

Monday, April 2, 2018


I am so overwhelmed with everything I have to cover today. But guess what? The internet is down at the church, so I have to use my phone which is not fun. Next week hopefully I will be able to tell you more...

So here are some main points for this week...Sister Rose is a strong individual and God put us together for a reason, it was no coincidence. God has a plan for each of us and he has a heck of a plan for Sister Rose. We love her very very much.

Conference was AMAZING! And wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. So many changes. But one of my favorite parts they saved for last! New temples! LAYTON UTAH. SAY WHHAAATTTTT! I wish my reaction was on video. I was all sitting back on the couch then he said that and I shot up faster then I ever have, gasped and then started to cry... very happy tears might I add. VERY HAPPY TEARS PEOPLE.

No more visiting teaching? I'm almost a little bummed about this, but I know it is Gods will. I remember in Tracy when Bishop Hendricks talked to Sister Bustos and I in one of our meetings. He said "a visiting teacher will be one of if not the most important calling of your life. Please preform faithfully." I appreciated that so much and at that moment I committed to be a faithful visiting teacher when I returned home from my mission. And now I will minister to whomever I am assigned. These are souls we are talking about, treat them with so much care, just as the Savior would.

Sorry for the short email... But I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Really random pictures this week... oops

Also very foggy morning.I don't know if I have told you guys this but we have been playing frisbee every morning and I have been teaching them how to throw a frisbee. They are killing it!

Sister Hansen

Monday, March 26, 2018

10 seconds of Courage!

How is everyone doing? First off I want to apologize to those of you who email me and I don't get back to you. Here are my bad reasonings behind it... 1)There are a lot of things happening and needing to happen on Mondays. 2)I cannot focus enough to email for very long. 3)Bored of being on the computers for too long.... So now that I have cleared that up lets get on to this very exciting week!

I GOT TO HOLD A BIRD: Pretty cool experience because the owner was like, "Wow she was so good with You! Your so confident with her!" So pretty much I'm a bird whisperer.

We had exchanges! GUESS WHO IS MY SISTER TRAINING LEADER!? YUP SISTER BUSTOS! We got there and then we were assigned to our sister training leaders. Sister Rose went with Sister Bird. Sister Turinetti and I went with Sister Bustos! The exchange was awesome, so many experiences were brought to pass. Sister Bustos has grown so much and she is such an amazing missionary. She realizes that missionaries do awkward things and she just does all she can to spread the word. We actually talked to this guy that was just so shocked that we were there and that we stopped and were willing to answer his questions. After we talked with him for 45 min. and showed him a video about the Atonement he accepted that we could come back. Quite an amazing experience. Thanks Sister Bustos :)

Sister Turinetti, Sister Bustos, Me!
Awesome Yosemite mural on Yosemite Ave.

Ok I am running out of time yet again, but let me tell you about an experience I had this last week. So just a reminder... we have technology. Ok so the other night we were going to visit this referral that was given to us a while back. This would be the second time we had contacted her, the first time we saw her she answered the door and told us that she was going through a really rough time and that her husband had just passed away. She told us to come back on a Friday evening. Well the following Friday evening we tried her and there was no answer. So the other day we tried her again (this is maybe like a week and a half later). Well her daughter answered the door and told us pretty much the same thing, but that her mom wanted us to text her in advance. So we got her number and since then we have texted her. We said that we didn't want to pressure her into meeting with us but that we had a message that could really help her. We attached the #BecauseofHim video.

But guess what? That wasn't even the good part. As we left her house that night, there was this group of high school kids that were messing around in the cold-a-sac. First off let me tell you that talking to youth on the street is something we are counseled not to do, just because of legal complexities. Anyway, so Sister Turinetti and Sister Rose were updating the record of this referral and I had a REALLY strong prompting that we needed to go talk to those kids and share the same video with them. I told my companions "Hey!10 seconds of Courage. We are gonna go share the video with those kids." Well we walked up to them, actually I looked back and realized that I had walked so quickly that I was the only one that was ready to talk to them. Anyway I said "HEY we are missionaries and we are out sharing a video, we were wondering if we could share it with you all as well?" One kid YELLED at his friends and said "Hey we are watching a video" They were a little weird about it, you know, cause they are in high school, but then they were like super into the video. When it got over the spirit was so strong and they just started asking questions and stuff and we were able to testify about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and stuff. It was honestly amazing. I was so very grateful for that opportunity. "10 seconds of courage" is now our companionship motto. You never know whose life you can change.

Talk about "puppy dog eyes!"

Grateful for the amazing opportunities that are placed in front of me every single day to testify and share the gospel.

Don't forget! Missionaries are always grateful for letters! To be honest, if you want a personal response I am more likely to do it in a letter.


Sister Hansen

Monday, March 19, 2018

Raindrops keep falling on my head

SURPRISE! I'M ON FACEBOOK! Don't worry I can't believe it either. I can say that I don't love to be updated like all the time about everyone's life sooo for the most part I have been unfriending and hiding posts:) I have mostly missionaries on my feed which is VERY uplifting and I hope it stays like that forever. Cleaning out my facebook was... interesting. Super weird seeing all these OLD pictures and stuff. While we were all going through that and hiding stuff and stuff Sister Rose pulls up a pre-picture... with me in it. CRAZY.

Elder Pope. Knew of him but never talked to him. We were biking home from church and he honks and sticks his head out the window. Then comes and says hello. He has been home for like 3 months and came back to tour the mission with his parents!

Also that day at Zone Conference I saw my 5th Cousin, Elder Gifford! Haha everytime we see each other he gives an remark like "Hey! Have you talked to Uncle Joe lately?" or "Hey Cuz!" Just silly stuff like that.

Still can't believe she is my companion!

So I don't have a lot of time/I don't have the patience to write an email :D but it rained QUITE a bit today. ​​I have a VIDEO of that. My jacket is still not water proof (sorry mom). But it was quite fun to play in the rain.


Sorry for the lame email. Thanks for everything!

Monday, March 12, 2018

WOW! Time is flying by way too fast...8 months!!

This week has literally flown by. We are already on Week 3 of the Transfer.
The other day was extremely busy and we didn't have a dinner that night so Sister Mckinnon (the sweetest old lady in the whole world, she drives us around on Mondays and so forth) took us under her wing. We got to her house at like 7:00 and we were in SUCH a weird mood. We were exhausted, and almost falling asleep at the dinner table... We seriously thought that Sister Turinetti was going to fall asleep on her bike. We were DEAD.

A sister in the ward made us all aprons.
Me, Sister Turinetti, Sister Rose

Anyway... So HEY WE HAVE SMARTPHONES NOW! I cannot believe that this day has finally come, there has been so many rumors of the smartphones and how they are happening and what we are using them for and WHEN we were getting them. Finally we have received the smartphones. We have already been receiving online referrals and figuring out Gospel Library and so forth. It is such a blessing.

Church on Sunday was soooo amazing. Sacrament meeting was just so full of the spirit. Here is an analogy that I would LOVE to share... Compare the Atonement/Savior to a glow stick and a child. Imagine the child waving the glow stick around all dull and thinking how enjoyable it is. He has no idea what "fun" he is capable of having. His older brother takes the dull glow stick and cracks it and the child realizes what he has been missing. The glow stick shines and the child is so thrilled. Once it was broken then it could glow.


Not exactly the story and I probably slaughtered it buuuutt it helped me understand why hard things happen to good people. Trials come because "once [we] are broken [we] are able to glow." What an amazing knowledge we have of a loving Heavenly Father who is willing to watch us go through hard trials. But he knows the growth that will come from it.

Quinton L. Cook once said "The test of greatness is the way One meets the eternal Everyday."
A couple other things I studied that touched my heart...
President Gordon B. Hinckley has reminded us, "We are here to assist our Father in His work and His glory, 'to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. (Moses 1:39)"
"Behold, the Spirit of the Lord has called him another way:" (Alma 22:4)

Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Love, Sister Hansen

Monday, March 5, 2018


I forgot my week notes so I am doing something else. But before I start I would like to say that I am RIGHT WHERE I BELONG.

Saying goodbye to the Manteca zone (some of them)

Spiritual Giants in my life...

Sister Rose: Sister Rose has been a constant person on my mission of someone I can look to for reassurance and happiness. And guess what now she is my companion. I am so eternally indebted to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to be companions again. My attitude and diligence has already been in check and encouraged and I am grateful for her example in my life. She has and continues to be strengthened in the Lord and I am excited to serve by her side once again.

My two companions, Sister Turinetti and Sister Rose

Sister Turinetti: Wow has it only been a week? I feel like we have known each other for months and yet it has only been a week. I am confident that we told each other in the premortal world that we would see each other soon. Every single day I am just constantly amazed of the amount of trust she has in the Lord. Every step she takes she makes sure it is the Father's will. It is quite overwhelming thinking about the things I have and have yet to learn from this amazing Sister.

Dramatically riding our bikes in the Rain

President Palmer: This man has changed my life. Our mission vision: "We are one with the Savior in doing the Will of the Father", has changed from "mission vision"  to "life vision". In our lives we need to focus on HIS will not our own. If we put everything in his hands we will soon see His hands in everything. President Palmer has helped me realize this so much.

There are many more people who have blessed my life that I will never be able to repay but here are just some stand out ones for this week.


Love you,
Sister Hansen

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Monday, February 26, 2018

I'm getting TRANSFERRED!

HEY EVERYBODY! You are not going to believe this but I am getting TRANSFERRED! To the smallest boundaries in the mission:) MODESTO 10th ward. More BIG news: I will be serving in a Trio! with...... *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* Sister Turnetti and SISTER ROSE! Yes that is right. My good ole MTC companion. I am BEYOND excited. Can you even handle anymore news? Sister Bustos will be serving in Manteca as a SISTER TRAINING LEADER! Dang this girl has changed my life and we have become best friends. My prayers go out to her and I am excited for her progression.


Wow onto this week. We were meeting with a Less active Melchizedek priesthood holder and after the lesson he gave us a tour of his home. Pretty amazing! This family is our all time favorite family. We have a vacation planned out with them when we are both home from our missions. VEGAS BABY! They actually are moving there so the transfer isn't AS hard. I actually feel really good about this transfer. EXCEPT, we have found a new investigator and already just fallen in love with her, we just got a ball rolling and YANKED. That's alright everything happens for a reason. But we taught her an awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation and she was very interested in the Families can be together forever thing, as well as the idea of being sealed to her parents, hopefully the Elders coming in will be able to grab that real quick.

Ok so I definitely learned how to juggle and guess what else I have learned to do?! WATER COLOR. The other night at a members house we ate pizza and painted. While we were painting we had an amazing gospel discussion. There is something about painting that is so relaxing. When you are relaxed you are more prone to the Spirit and it was definitely present. So that was a cool experience. I will send you pictures of some of my paintings.


Here is a scripture I have found solace in... 2 Kings 20:5 "I have heard thy prayers; I have seen thy tears; I will heal thee". No matter what we are going through the Lord's arm is ALWAYS reached out to us. WHATEVER we may be going through or how we are feeling. HE KNOWS. I have been studying a lot in Jesus the Christ and there is a section in it that is talking about "Relative Perfection" This is the section:
Relative Perfection.—Our Lord’s admonition to men to become perfect, even as the Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48) cannot rationally be construed otherwise than as implying the possibility of such achievement. Plainly, however, man cannot become perfect in mortality in the sense in which God is perfect as a supremely glorified Being. It is possible, though, for man to be perfect in his sphere in a sense analogous to that in which superior intelligences are perfect in their several spheres; yet the relative perfection of the lower is infinitely inferior to that of the higher. A college student in his freshman or sophomore year may be perfect as freshman or sophomore; his record may possibly be a hundred per cent on the scale of efficiency and achievement; yet the honors of the upper classman are beyond him, and the attainment of graduation is to him remote, but of assured possibility if he does but continue faithful and devoted to the end.

This has really brought me comfort. "Comparison is the thief of Joy." All this has just been ingrained in my head and is SOOO important. But the important part of it is that if we mess up THAT is what the atonement is for, we are always able to make it back. Each time we slip and make it back we become stronger. What a beautiful gift we have been given.

Brought back happy memories of being in Moonlight Serenade in High School!

Love you!
Sister Hansen

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Discussions are so Full of Truth

HEY Y'ALL! First of all I just want to say that Sister Bustos is one of my best friends. Take it how you will. I love this chick. So here is a quote from her, "Where is my coat of many colors?" Now let me explain, so the other day I had a dream that was REALLY vivid and I could not stop thinking about it, I was like "IT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING". That morning while tracting we discussed different details of the dream and then BOOM we interpreted it. I was so excited I have never thought through a dream that much until then, so THANK YOU SISTER BUSTOS!

In honor of the Olympics we had to get as close as we could to "watching" them.
So we knocked Olympic Road. 

Not a ton happened this week... BUT MARDI GRAS AND VALENTINES DAY! WOOT WOOT. Except Valentines NIGHT was so hard to get appointments with people, all OUR "Dates" canceled on us. But we figured some stuff out. It was a lot of fun giving out chocolate on Valentines day and the Book of Mormon chocolates actually sparked some conversations about the Book of Mormon! So that was great.

Chocolates mom sent Allison for Valentine's Day except they were all in Book of Mormon wrappers.
Glad she had fun with them!

Mardi Gras art

We found a potential while we were knocking doors and let me just say WOW and that this never happens, She LET US IN AND WE TAUGHT THE WHOLE RESTORATION. AND SHE INVITED US BACK! I was TOTALLY pumped. So good. That day was BY far the best day of my week. There is something about the missionary discussions, they have the capability to bring the spirit in the room SO fast. Wow they are so full of truth and the spirit just takes over the conversation. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to feel that spirit. WOW. Grateful.

Service with my District

Also an investigator that found HIS way to church that we have only been able to teach him at church came to church again this week. He is from Israel and he is a Jew. This conversation got SO heated. He says that he doesn't really believe everything our church believes in but he feels SO much love and peace when he comes, so that is why he is going to come back. he refuses to "Convert".

Also It was 44 degrees this morning. NOT COOL.

I don't really know what else to say. LOVE YOU!

Sister Hansen

Monday, February 12, 2018

Best proselyting day!

Alright. So there has been a lot of talk about the Greatest Showman out here and what are the odds that I would learn how to juggle? Yes sir I LEARNED HOW TO JUGGLE! Life long goal ACCOMPLISHED.

This week has been very good at the beginning but it got REAL slow by the end of the week. On Tuesday the Elders (District Leaders and Zone Leaders) were on exchanges and Elder Mutchie and Elder Wade were together. They called so Elder Mutchie could ask us to give a training in District Meeting and after they asked what our goal for handing out copies of the Book of Mormon was. Well long story short they pushed us to our limit and it was the best proselyting day I have ever had. 3 Book of Mormons, 2 Pamphlets, and 6 pass along cards. Wow. Thanks Elders :).

Emailing with Elder Mutchie
(We're friends from high school and he's now my district leader!)

This last Sunday I was "So Privileged" I got to speak in sacrament, do a musical number "How Great Shall be Your Joy" and we taught a VERY short lesson in Gospel Principles. Big day. And it was our Bishops sons homecoming as well and DANG they do it differently here. He didn't even talk about his mission! Crazy.

I am ready for a new week. But hope everything is well.

Sister Hansen

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Monday, February 5, 2018

They call it Valley Fever

DANNNGGG this week has been wild. Let me give you a table of content so if you don't want to read the other stuff you don't have to...

1. Sister Bustos' kick butt analogy of the Gospel
2. Modesto Mission being dissolved details
3 Allergies and Migraines
4 Sunday night week moment

1. So we were talking to Justin before he moved and Sister Bustos gave him like an awesome analogy that I was like WOW I NEED TO PUT THAT IN THE EMAIL. She was talking about the blessings of getting baptized and going to the temple, this is what she said... "Our whole lives we live the free trial but once we go to the temple and take out our endowment we have the PREMIUM subscription to life and the Gospel." Isn't that awesome?! I loved it.

2. Alright, so Zone Conference was on Wednesday and that is when we figured out about the mission being dissolved. Let me just say. MANY TEARS WERE SHED. A lot of people/missionaries are confused and really scared. I really really was. I don't want them to separate all the missionaries, that is going to be so tough leaving those that aren't going to whichever mission I am going to be reassigned to. Well we don't know when we are going to know which mission we are going to but it will be by the end of June. President Palmer and Sister Palmer opened the mission and they will be closing it. Very sad. I was having a very hard time with it but that night when I was writing in my journal I truly believe that my hand was being guided by the spirit so I could write what I needed to hear. I went back and read through it and the whole journal entry was about trusting in the Lord. Well Saturday night we had dinner at the Stake Presidents house and he said, "You were called to serve a mission, and ASSIGNED to the Modesto mission." Which means assignments can change and it was something I really needed to hear. So yes very exciting news, definately take some getting used to.

Comp kicking back on the sidewalk

3. I was literally dying this week. FINALLY accepted the fact that I have allergies and took some stuff. I was in denial like all week, "I don't have allergies I promise!" I totally do, apparently they call it the valley fever here. So yeah I got it.

My new temple socks
4. Sunday night we went to one of my favorite homes the Klafkes and they were playing Phase 10... YES WE PLAYED OK!! Gosh, so worth it. This is an awesome family that can switch from fun and games to so spiritual. The message we got to leave with them was so awesome. We shared about the light of Christ and the power that it gives us. Also I am learning how to juggle thanks to Sister Klafke. She got us addicted and I ordered juggling balls, truly addicted.

Have an amazing week! I love all of you so very much!

Sister Hansen

Monday, January 29, 2018


This week feels like it has been forever long. But here we go. I went to church on Sunday and that was sooooo good. The spirit was so strong:) It was a regional Stake conference, but the best part of this week was District meeting which was held by Elder Stock and Wade!! Probably the best District meeting that I have had on my mission. Great missionaries that's for sure.

Ok now on to the real stuff...
Wednesday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Manteca let me just say THIS WAS SO HARD. Exchanges are hard. But we always leave learning A LOT! We literally did finding THE WHOLE TIME. IN THE RAIN. WE WERE SO COLD. MY HANDS WERE NUMB AND RED AND COLD. I was so bitter about it and I was literally praying THE whole time. We were getting no success and people were not being SUPER nice to us. I prayed that we would just run into someone or knock on someone's door that would be nice to us, it was already like 8:30 at night and just reminding you, raining and cold and dark and cold and raining. I literally prayed "Prove me wrong that we could find someone". We knock on this door at 8:40 or so and a man opened the door that was not interested but he had Mormon friends and he was asking us a lot of questions. Let me tell you this man was the answer to my prayer, he was so kind and get this... when we left he asked if he could leave us a prayer. This prayer was literally exactly what I needed and it was one of the best experiences for me. I am very grateful.


I am VERY sad because both my necklaces (Bird and Bike) BROKE! What the heck I was ticked. The bike must have broke when we were biking or something because I could only find the chain, the bike was GONE. I was so sad.

Sister Bustos and me with the STL's

In Presidents letter this last week, I read it at a time when it was very relevant to me. Here is the last paragraph Take it as you will but it really touched my heart...
"So whenever our heart is heavy or troubled and life seems over-burdened by worldly distractions, difficult companions, discouraging news from home, or disappointment resulting from investigators not keeping commitments or following guidance given by the Holy Ghost, may we never weary in serving the Savior. With even greater determination, let us “never be weary of good works, but to be meek and lowly in heart; for such shall find rest to their souls” (Alma 37:34). Further, we must always remember that “Jesus never will forsake us…He will leave us never, never…so look upward in joy and take hold of His hand; He will lead (us) to heights that are new.”

One of our investigators is actually moving on Tuesday. He still has a desire to be taught and to be baptized it just won't be us teaching him. We wish him good luck in the new place though.

Until Next week! Love you all so much!
Sister Hansen

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WHAT. A. WEEK. Alright people, this week was wild. everything about it, and I honestly can't even believe it has only been a week. We ...