Monday, July 10, 2017

FAREWELL DAY!! Just like Billy Joel says "I'm Movin Out!"

Super Stoked to be the second Sister Hansen out in the field for 2 weeks!

A dear friend of mine, leaving just a week after me (July 19th)
heading out to Cincinnati Ohio!

My tumble buddy!
Ivy just returned from the Italy Milan Mission
and wishes she was back out there

Don't know what I am going to do without these girls!
Nicole: Weber State Sara: Macon, Georgia Maddie: Weber State

Good News: My best friend fits in my luggage
Bad News: Cant take her with me because she has a bigger step in her life to make, eternity with her man on August 17th!
Typical best friends. LOVE THIS GIRL

My roommate Megan! Still a tall red head!
Love her to death!

Family, family, family!

Cousins! I love this family so much!

Grandma Hansen

Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

Peace out K-town
Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out! I appreciate all of you! Everything came together beautifully and I am so happy about the turnout. Finished with the talk and now to the real stuff, I am so excited to get to the MTC on WEDNESDAY!! Freaking out but a good freaking out. And you know what it means if I am headed to the MTC? That means just a short time until my family gets to welcome home my sister from Mongolia! Then I get to see her the 29th. Big things are happening. Thank you again for the love and support!

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