Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MTC Drop Off

[From Allison's parents]

We are now experts at the MTC drop ritual after dropping off Allison's sister, Jennifer, 18 months ago.

Allison set her alarm for the official missionary wake-up time, 6:30 am. She showered, got dressed, read her scriptures and finished packing. We ate breakfast, then she began tapping her feet and glancing at the clock. We didn't need to leave until 11, but Allison was wound up tighter than a spring. She brought her luggage up the stairs at 8:30. She was ready to go. She demanded it, so we left for Provo a few minutes after nine.

We had time to kill, so we stopped and looked at boats, then stopped at Walmart to get some final items. At the last second, she broke tradition (we usually lunch at Zupas), and we went to Cafe Rio. Not surprisingly, Cafe Rio was also full of departing missionaries and their families. We met missionaries departing for Georgia, Arkansas and two different missions in No. Carolina (one was headed to Raleigh which is where Gary's cousin is the mission president), and we didn't even ask everyone.

Allison and her mother were too excited to finish their lunch. When Dad finally finished his, we departed for the Provo temple. We joined at least a million other families taking last pictures with their missionaries. We met two different missionaries on the way to Farmington, NM. One family had inside information that 34 new missionaries were expected today for that mission alone. Allison also met some missionaries playing volleyball on their P-day that are headed for Poland in a couple weeks.

When the clock struck 12:50 pm, we loaded back in the car for the drop-off. At the curb, Allison like her sister before her, was impatient to go. No tears from her, but her mother made up for it. After a quick hug from her mother and father, she walked away. The next time we see her, she will be 18 months older and wiser.

Good luck Sister Hansen. We love you!

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